1) What’s your artistic style
or approach?
My artistic style is to use graphite and polychromo colour to create a fine art portrait.

2) What materials and techniques do you use for your portraits?
I use graphite pencil or powder and polychromo colour to create a portrait.

3) How long does it usually take to complete a portrait?
It depending on the size but maximum is two weeks to complete a piece.

4) Can you work from photos, or do you prefer live sittings?
I only work from photos

5) How do you capture the personality or essence of the subject in your portraits?
By using the photo my client sent to me and sharing ideas of what they want.

6) What sizes and formats do you offer for your portraits?
I offer three different sizes 42x59cm, 50x70cm and 70x100cm for single portraits but for family, group or couple portrait I increase the size that can contain all the heads.

7) How much do your portraits typically cost?
My price starts from $400 only for commission piece

8) Can you work with specific backgrounds or settings in the portrait?
I always use sky as my background and that is my trade mark but my client can also choose the background they want.

9) What’s the process for commissioning a portrait?
The process is the client will have to call for a consultation decide on the picture they want and make a deposit.

10) Can I provide input during the portrait’s creation, or see progress updates? Yes you can.

11) Do you specialize in a certain type of portrait, like individuals, couples, families, or pets? I specialize in all human portraits.

12) Do you offer digital as well as traditional portraits?
I don’t offer digital.

13) Can you incorporate specific elements or symbolism into the portrait? Yes I can.

14) Are there any additional fees, like framing or shipping costs. I don’t offer framing and my client has to pay for the shipping cost.