Blooms of Grace

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Title : “Blooms of Grace
Size : 70 x 100cm Medium : Graphite and polychromo colour Year : 2023 The artwork depicts a lady with an Afro hairstyle adorned by flowers. Leaves are used cleverly to cover her chest, creating a modest yet artistic effect. Her eyes sparkle, adding to her enigmatic aura. This portrayal symbolizes confidence, natural beauty, and a harmonious relationship with the environment—a story told through the delicate balance of elements, celebrating the fusion of self-assurance and the world around her.
 Blooms of Grace emerges on a 70x100cm Fabriano cartridge paper, brought to life through the meticulous artistry of graphite and the vibrant palette of Polychromo colored pencils. This exquisite masterpiece is further adorned with a captivating array of intricate 3D flowers. The creation of this piece was a testament to patience and dedication, spanning a remarkable 300 hours of craftsmanship.

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