Floral Enigma

Graphite, Charcoal, polychromo color pencil on 70 x 100 cm fabriano cartridge paper with a 3D flowers and glittering gold floral petals. 2023.
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Title: “Floral Enigma

Size: 70x100cm

Medium: Graphite and polychromo colour

Year: 2023

This portrait captures the essence of a strong and determined woman who is connected to nature. Her fierce expression and green hair symbolize her courage and resilience, while the flowers intertwined in her hair represent her harmonious relationship with the natural world. The contrast between her fierce demeanor and the delicate flowers highlights the balance between strength and beauty in her character.


Is an awe-inspiring creation meticulously crafted on a spacious 70x100cm of Fabriano cartridge paper. This masterpiece comes to life through the delicate strokes of graphite and the rich hues of Polychromo color pencils, enriched by a captivating array of lifelike 3D flowers and glittering gold floral petals. The creation of this piece was a labor of dedication, demanding an astonishing 290 hours of my artistic journey.”

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