Hold On


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Title : “Hold On“
Size : 70x100cm

Feel free to reach out if you require different sizes.

Medium: Graphite and polychromo colour
Year :2023
Human spirit’s unwavering ability to endure and stay strong in the face of adversity. The subject in the portrait could be depicted with a determined expression, clinging to something or someone, symbolizing their resilience and refusal to give up. The artwork serves as a reminder that life’s challenges may be tough, but with inner strength and hope, we can hold on and find the courage to persevere, ultimately emerging stronger on the other side.
This compelling artwork takes shape on a generous 70x100cm size of Fabriano cartridge paper, meticulously brought to life through the skilled use of graphite and the vibrant hues of Polychromo color pencils. The creation of this piece was an artistic journey spanning an impressive 280 hours of dedication.

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