Nature’s Crown (Sold)

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Title” Nature’s Crown

Size: 70x100cm
Medium: Graphite and polychromo color
Year: 2023
celebrates the beauty of nature. This portrait portrays nature as a regal figure wearing a crown made of leaves, symbolizing growth and strength. The portrait emphasizes the deep connection between humans and the natural world. It urges us to appreciate and cherish nature’s beauty, recognizing it as a reminder of the interconnectedness between us and the environment.
Nature’s Crown comes to life on a spacious 70x100cm size of Fabriano cartridge paper, meticulously crafted with the skillful use of graphite and the vibrant palette of Polychromo color pencils. This extraordinary masterpiece is elevated with the addition of lifelike 3D silk artificial leaves, adding depth and texture to the composition. The creation of this piece was an artistic journey spanning an impressive 280 hours of dedication.


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