Nipsey Hussle Portrait

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Title: Nipsey Hussel
Size: 70 x 100 cm
Medium: Graphite and polychromo colour
Year: 2019


In this portrait, Nipsey Hussle is depicted with tears rolling down his eyes, signifying the profound impact he made on the world. His departure left us with a poignant reminder of the dreams and aspirations he had yet to fulfill. This artwork serves as a tribute to his life, highlighting the bittersweet legacy of unfulfilled potential and the lasting emotional impact of his untimely passing. Nipsey’s memory lives on, inspiring us to strive for greatness and make the most of every moment.


I created this portrait on a 70x100cm cartridge paper using graphite and Polychromo colors, dedicating a total of 250 hours to its meticulous creation

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