Terms and conditions

Payment Terms:
The total cost of the commissioned portrait will be explicitly specified, ensuring transparency in our agreement. To initiate the commission and confirm your order, a 50% deposit of the total cost must be made. This deposit serves as a commitment to the project. Prior to the shipment of the completed portrait, full payment must be settled. To accommodate flexibility in payments, installment options can be discussed and outlined during the consultation. Our preferred payment methods include bank transfers and PayPal, offering convenience and security.

Completion Timeframe:
We aim to complete your commissioned piece within a reasonable timeframe, typically within a maximum of 8 weeks. However, the specific duration may vary based on the complexity of the project and our current workload. We will communicate any anticipated delays or changes in the timeframe promptly to keep you informed and satisfied with the progress.

Reference Photos:
To ensure your satisfaction with the final artwork, we exclusively work from client-provided reference photos for commissioned portraits. We strongly recommend providing high-quality photos to yield the best possible results. Clear and detailed references allow us to capture the essence and personality of the subject effectively.

Delivery and Shipping:
The responsibility for covering shipment costs rests with the buyer. To safeguard the artwork during transit, we do not ship portraits with frames, as frames can pose risks of damage. Instead, your completed portrait will be securely packaged in protective tubes. You have the option to choose between two delivery methods: DHL Express delivery for expedited shipping or Standard Delivery for a more economical choice. We ensure that your artwork reaches you in pristine condition.

Ownership and Copyright:
It’s important to note that the artist retains full copyright to the commissioned artwork. The client is granted the right to use the artwork for personal purposes only and is not permitted to reproduce it for commercial or public distribution without prior agreement.

Cancellation and Refunds:
Once the artist has commenced the creative process, cancellations and refunds are no longer applicable. This policy is in place to account for the time and effort invested in the project from the outset.

Privacy and Data Protection:
Your privacy and data protection are paramount to us. All personal information provided to the artist during the consultation and commission process will be treated with the utmost care and confidentiality. We employ rigorous security measures to ensure the protection of your data, in compliance with relevant data protection regulations. Your trust in our commitment to privacy is of utmost importance.